Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hat juggling

Today is one of those "meeting days". You know, a day where you have two or more meetings that end up taking up your whole day. Perhaps not the meetings themselves, but everything connected to them: preparing for them, being IN them, and then all the stuff you have to do AFTER the meeting is over! (Not to mention the recovery time -- for me that could be a nap, a computer game, watching something mindless on television, or cuddling with my dog, Oggi.)

So, my morning was spent reading budgets and proposals in preparation for the 2:00 conference call (connected with one of my volunteer activities, Giving USA). Plus another phone call with someone to discuss the actual conference call.

Then a 1:00 lunch meeting with someone who is "networking" in an effort to find a job. This was enjoyable, because it is someone I knew long ago in a professional capacity, but had not seen in many years. Turns out we have a lot of common interests (theater, art, travel, etc.)

Then, my 2:00 conference call (there were 6 of us on it). A frustrating topic, because it involves budget problems that we MUST solve.

Then race back to my office to prepare for the 7:00 dinner meeting tonight, which is the final planning meeting for my beloved Cortona program's anniversary celebration (read: a big party!) Of course that meeting will be fun (IF I can get the program script written in the next 2 hours!)

So 2 phone meetings and a lunch that is my "old" life of fundraising consulting/philanthropy, and one meeting that I put in my "new" life of being a full-time artist!

I can't keep up with which hat to be wearing when!

But maybe that's the point, huh? Maybe I'm not SUPPOSED to just wear one hat. (I was never very good at that anyway.) Maybe I'm just supposed to get a bigger hat rack!

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  1. Del, I look forward to your postings and your take on the absurdities of life and the like!