Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pizza for breakfast

Leftover pizza for breakfast -- what a wonderful thing! I've had this for breakfast at virtually every stage in my life. I come by it honestly! My mother thought that there was absolutely nothing wrong with having pizza for breakfast -- she said "it's cheese, bread, and sausage!" To her, it was like a fancy version of cheese toast (another one of our breakfast favorities).

So, this morning, as I popped my pizza from last night into the oven to warm and crisp (I HATE a soggy crust!), I thought about all my pizza breakfasts of the past. (Well, not all -- too many too mention!)

Besides the many I had growing up at the counter in our kitchen (where we always ate breakfast-- never at the table), I of course devoured quite a few during my college years (some of those not even warmed up!) One of the most glamorous I had was in Chicago during a CASE Convention. Due to a mix up on the hotel's part (and old, upscale one right by the water) my partners and I had been upgraded to the penthouse suite. SERIOUSLY fancy and lux. For some reason, we had ordered a pizza the night before (or maybe had brought one home from eating out -- I don't remember the circumstances of HOW the pizza got there.) But I do remember heating up the pizza in the suite's kitchen and helping myself to a wonderful Chicago Pizza breakfast on the terrace of the penthouse! (My partners refused to join me-- they thought it disgusting.)

I don't get why people laugh about eating left over pizza for breakfast? It is one of those foods that actually takes to reheating marvelously. And, like my mother said, it does consist of all breakfast-type ingredients. So, what's the big deal?

Plus, during these economic times, it is quite frugal!

So, I'm happy munching on my woodfired pizza, topped with mozzerella, a little bit of tomato sause, and thinly sliced lemons. What a good start to a Saturday full of possibilities!

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  1. Though not as tasty as leftover pizza, morning-after cold spaghetti for breakfast certainly satisfies as well!