Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Stick-with-it-ness" -- gotta get me some!

I seem to have broken the first rule of blogging -- it's been almost a whole week, and I haven't posted anything! Obviously, I have to do much better if this is going to work. I think my trouble is I haven't found a consistant "topic" for this. I mean, right now, I am muddling my way along trying to figure out my transition into full-time artist/part-time consultant -- and that is rather boring, I'm afraid!

For most of my life, I've been pretty good at "stick-with-it-ness" ... some people have called me a bulldog. And I still have my moments. But I have to have both feet into it before that stickiness begins! I'm afraid I'm still just "dabbling" in this blog stuff.

Perhaps it's the word itself: "BLOG". I mean, it's like a combination of "blah" and "bump on a log" ... how totally UNinspiring is THAT?!! Blaaaagh.

Anyway, I have a few other things on my "to do" list that require some "stick-with-it-ness" right now (taxes, bank stuff, finalizing the last of my mama's estate, thank-you notes, volunteer commitments, client work . . . and the list goes on!)

So, before I close to go tend to some of those life things, let me reflect on the nice evening I had last night. You see, I met an old friend (well, she's not "old" -- she's a year younger than me! But I've known her most of my life, and we were good friends in high school) -- so, rather, "long-time" friend. Anyway, we met for dinner at 5:15, and parted around 10:30! We TALKED (and also did a lot of laughing). We caught up with each other's lives, but we also just talked about other things . . . a little gossip, a little soul-baring, a little philosophising. It was as if we were back in high school, killing time between classes. Except a lot has happened to both of us since then! We sat outside on a deck of a seafood restaurant, enjoying a wonderful breeze, watching the storm ride in, an nibbled on munchies. It was truly one of life's rewards -- enjoying time with a friend. It was easy. It was energizing. It was just plain nice!

I think I'll try to do it more often!

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