Sunday, January 10, 2010

One small step is one giant leap!

Today I had a "victory" of sorts.

You see, I was reaching for the door handle of a restaurant about 4 months ago (August 28, to be exact) to go inside for a meeting of Atlanta Pet Rescue. (I had volunteered to help out with some fundraising advice. . . this is the organization from which I adopted my beloved Oggi.) As most of you know, I never made it inside. . . somehow I tripped, and went hurdling into the door, bouncing back onto the sidewalk, and in the process broke both my tibia and fibula (broke them badly... compound fracture).

Well, this afternoon I agreed to attend another meeting of this group. It was also at a restaurant. . . a different one, but still a restaurant. AND, there was remnants of ice still around. So as you can imagine, I was somewhat nervous inside as I approached the restaurant door (So much so that I used my cane, just to be on the safest side possible!)

I'm VERY happy to report that I've come and gone to that meeting without incident. WHEW! One small step for mankind is a pretty big leap for Del.

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