Saturday, January 2, 2010

Collards, Black-Eyed Peas, Movies, and "Stepping Out"

It is January 2nd, and it is gorgeous outside: cold, but sunny. Yesterday I shirked my collard-cooking duties and instead had my New Year's Day repast at Mary Mac's (what a crowd! Even at 2:00!) I met two good friends there (one of whom I have shared this day with for many years). It was fun (I will say that Mary Mac's collards aren't nearly as good as mine; nor are her
black-eyed peas! But it was nice to not be cooking on New Year's Eve for a

I think one of the reasons I shirked my annual cooking-fest was because I am still in "recovery" mode with my leg. Oh, the bones have healed, but there is still pain, and more to the point, I get very tired very easily. Standing is just as bothersome as walking in many ways. And those of you who cook know that it involves a lot of standing! (Tangent: I'm thinking about buying one of those "cushion" mats for my kitchen...)

I know I made some New Year's resolutions yesterday, but I need to add "PT" to it. . . I need to try to do whatever it takes to not only get rid of my gimpy limp, but to build my strength back up. (Which also involves caring for my polymyositis! Blah.) Getting out with friends is MUCH more fun that going downstairs and riding the stationary bike, or doing squats!

My take on "Nine"

So, enough about illness and injury. Back to the fun stuff: I met my friend J for the 11:00 a.m. showing of "Nine". (J is one of my "Golden Living" angels -- she would pop in to rescue me by sweeping me away to the mall, or bring me goodies, or to just make me laugh!) We were both excited about seeing it (I used to listen to the Broadway cast recording of it in the 80's.) We were the only women in the theater, and the two of us made up half of the audience! We both loved the movie; it is like a 10-course meal of only desserts. The musical performances by Fergie, Daniel Day Lewis, Kate Hudson, Judi Dench, Penelope Cruz, and Nicole Kidman were fabulous, as was their acting. And the actress who played the wife was great, just miscast -- she was too young! Beautiful as Sophia Loren was, I felt she was Sophia Loren -- she seemed to get in the way. But I will watch this movie again and again on cable, just for the musical numbers (and the Italian scenery. . . BOY, did it make me want to go to Italy!!!)

"Fantastic Mr. Fox" is fantastic fun

After J and I sat through ALL the credits (one of my quirks) we went to Mary Mac's, where we met my old friend B. After our late lunch/early dinner, B and I went to see "Fantastic Mr. Fox". Loved it! Really cool animation, beautiful and artistic backgrounds. Both movies just kept me grinning. In their own way, each was just beautiful. And I mean visually beautiful. My eye memory is still savoring them both.

I came home after the last movie (and a trip to the grocery store) to a little dog very happy to see me. After attending to his needs, I made "Barbeque Lover's Dip" for our little party tonight (so I did end up in the kitchen!) Today I'm making "Bacon Crackers" (almost finished. . . just have to let one more pound of bacon thaw to complete the last batch!) (If any of our guests are vegetarians they won't be too happy with me, but that is their loss!) I'm looking forward to this "game party" -- (will I play Scrabble or Charades or something new?) If people enjoy it maybe we will make it a regular thing!

So I'll be "stepping out" again tonight, trying to start the New Year off right!
The image here is a photo of my pastel painting "New Year's Day Meal". Got to do some more paintings of some of my favorite food memories!

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