Monday, August 4, 2014

Happy Birthday to Row-Row

Today is Mama's birthday. If it wasn't for an email card from my sister, I might have forgotten it. For the first time ever. (What does that mean?) But thanks to my sister's memory-jog, the day will not go unmarked.
Mama's last birthday was quite special. It was her 75th, and we surprised her with the help of lots of her friends. We even put together a scrapbook with cards and letters and memories from family and friends. It was a special day, and I think she thoroughly enjoyed it.

I think I will read a little in honor of her.

Miss you, Mama.


  1. I loved that lady, she was the best.
    Sorry for your lost.
    Stephanie Stepp

  2. Aunt Row, where are you when we need your straight forward advice and wisdom?