Saturday, March 5, 2011

Glimpses from Bali

Page from my Bali Journal: Sketch from the Water Palace

It looks like I'm not doing to well at consistently blogging about my Bali experience, so I'm going to go the "snippet: route. You know, writing little snippets when I have a snippet of time. (One day I'll get a scanner and can scan my journal into the blog, a few pages at a time!) But for now. . .

This is a sketch from the end of the first day of my trip around the island. Literally, AROUND the island! I hired a driver (Christian, a Javanese Christian--- love that coincidence, don't you?) It was the best thing for me to do, as I really got to see the country, and understand it better. The cost was 400,000 rupiah, which translates to about $45-50, so I'm not talking big splurge here.

Anyway, the last stop we made, Christian and I, was at this ancient "water temple", built by one of the long-ago rulers. It was overcast when I arrived, and with claps of thunder in the background began raining as I left.  It was pretty awe-inspiring, seeing all the fountains, with the mountains framing the scene from a distance.

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